Pain relief by marijuana is primary benefit in Lupus treatment

Lupus is a chronic systemic disease that affects many people worldwide. One of the common reasons for the occurrence of this disease is an imbalance in the immune system of the body and this is why this disease is called as an auto immune disease. There are several forms of this disease including systemic Lupus erythematosis, which is the most severe form of the disease and is commonly known as SLE.

Lupus can commonly affect the skin and also the joints, other than attacking various systems in the body. The skin can have rashes and the joints can become inflamed. Joint inflammation can be associated with pain, just like in any form of arthritis. In fact, lupus is greatly associated with arthritis. Medical marijuana is very beneficial in the treatment of various symptoms of Lupus.

Benefit of medical marijuana while treating Lupus.

1. Pain relief: Pain relief is the primary benefit of using medical marijuana in the treatment of Lupus. Pain can be present mainly in the joints, but there is also general pain all over the body. Since this is a systemic disease, most parts of the body are affected. The pain pathway Aurora Indica (2)in the body is interrupted when medical cannabis is consumed. This helps in the relief of chronic pain.

2. Reduction in joint inflammation: Joint inflammation can also be reduced when medical cannabis is consumed. This is because of the fact that it is anti inflammatory in nature. So, it has a general tendency to reduce the inflammation in the body. When there is reduction in inflammation, there is associated pain relief too. Arthritic changes in the joints are also prevented when this wonder drug is used.

3. Immune system imbalance is corrected: Though Lupus is caused by imbalance of the immune system and is not easily treated by other drugs; medical marijuana is able to correct the immune system imbalance to a great extent. This helps in preventing any exacerbation of the disease too. The chronic nature of the disease is curtailed with the regular use of medical cannabis.

Though many people who are treated for Lupus are satisfied with traditional medicines, they are not happy about the various side effects that are caused by the drugs consumed. Vomiting and nausea are common symptoms of most drugs. When the medical cannabis is used, all these side effects and complications are not present. This is an additional reason for most patients to be satisfied with the use of medical marijuana in the treatment of Lupus.