Everything you need to know about Bubblegum Strain Grow

There are lots of strains out there which make you wonder about their origin and breeding. Any grower can end up being confused when a particular strain offered has two or more than two seed banks. It is always tricky to figure out which is original and which one is a copy. Bubble gum is that contentious strain which happens to have two seed banks offering their own versions – T.H. seeds and serious seeds (both of these reside in Amsterdam).

Bubble gum strain gets its name from the fruity flavor you get when smoked. So much is its popularity that it has traveled all the way to Holland from Indiana. The effects of bubble gum are a proper balance between indica traits and sativa – all of it that allows you to relax out properly without being knocked out. The bubble gum strains can be found growing well in a big scale sea of green. They are easily managed and the offer a quite uniform growth. Since this hybrid clones pretty well, it makes it easier to rotate the garden space in order to keep moving forward the production. If there are hydroponic setups and quality soils available, this strain is equally suitable for both expert growers as well as noobs.

What is Bubble Gum?

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The flowering time is about 8 to 9 weeks, the yield is high, it is easy to grow, and it grows well when the temperature ranges from 68 to 80 degree Fahrenheit. The bubble gum can grow well either outdoor or indoor, but it always helps if there is sufficient protection against the outside weather for the production of mold in buds. For best results, it is advised that increased levels of phosphorus be used for a better finish of buds. Not only that, it also needs to be ensured that enough amount of time be given for flushing of the nutrients to achieve the iconic bubble gum flavor.

History of Bubble Gum:

Now we now there are two different bubble gum strains, both of which are of high quality. There is quite a bit of history here. In early ‘80s in Indiana, USA, the original material by a grower was developed. Back in 1993, this person gave 3 different plants of female bubble gum, to T.H. Sees’ Adam, and to Cerebral Seeds’ Tony and Simon (they split up shortly after this; Tony founded Sagarmatha Seeds and Simon founded Serious Seeds). Hence, this is how the bubble gum arrived in Netherlands – through three different breeders. From then on, different stories have been written about the bubble gum’s history. What we know is, there were 3 breeders and they had 3 different ways of breeding.

Bubble Gum: Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor:

The one quality that puts bubble gum apart is its ability of making your mouth water along with stimulating your senses. The aroma is simultaneously pungent and sweet, which can easily overwhelm any room where it is smoked and would leave behind a candy like smell everywhere. It is kind of similar to those sweet vale juices. Some aspects of the aroma of bubble gum can also be associated with that of the earth and its flower, thereby giving more of a natural component to its smell.

Bubble gum’s flavor essentially tastes like a bubble gum, just as the name suggests. It could be not as pleasant as the aroma, but it is pretty much equal to that. The smoke has a tendency to make the mouth water and fill up the tastes buds in it with notes of berries and cream along with an array of different flowers and fruits. Even once the smoke is all gone, the sweetness of the bubble gum lingers on the tongue and continues to impress the senses.

Talking of the appearance, the bubble gum buds are pretty classic looking – thick, densely packed dark greenish forest nuggets mixed with brassy orangey pistils marks which bend and curl through the entire length of the sugar leaves. The buds are entirely coated with a frosty THC crystals’ layer or trichomes – which basically signifies the cannabis’ potency when smoked. This frostiness is quite reminiscent of winter’s first snow, the one that can be seen when the seasons change and the land is about to begin freezing over.

How to grow Bubble Gum?

Auto Bubblegum

Auto Bubblegum (cannabisowl)

For the experienced growers, it is quite an easy crop to grow. Moreover, even for the beginners without a lot of experience, it is pretty easy to grow, provided they are ready to maintain a close watch on it, majorly about the climate control and humidity. There is just one major disadvantage to bubble gum – they are very susceptible to mold and rot and they have to be grown in hot, dry, outdoor environments offering protection from any kind of precipitation. The more preferable way is to grow it indoors where controlling the climate environment could be much easier. For growing it indoors, the most suitable ones are soil growth and hydroponic methods – both of these have been successful with SOG setups. If they are being grown outdoors, the location needs to be ideal – sunny, but properly sheltered which is tricky to get sometimes. The plant that grows is about 100 to 120 centimeters in height on an average, so not huge amounts of space are required for it to flourish. These bubble gum plants yield up to 16 ounces per every square meter when grown inside and about 14 ounces when grown outside.

Effects of Bubble Gum:

  • It melts you into a relaxed and a euphoric state. It makes the body calm and it stimulates the mind while uplifting your spirit.
  • At times of a creative shortcoming when one needs the hit of that inspirational wave, or during those times when one is socializing, bubble gum can be of great use. Mostly it gives the best results when you do it in late evenings or during the times when there is nothing else to be done.
  • Bubble gum is known for giving plenty of happiness waves along with joyous bliss, all of which causes an immense uplift in the demeanor and mood, and also it could create a proper giggles case. Basically, the effects of bubble gum are majorly balanced apart from being highly pleasant.

Bubble gum – medical benefits:

Bubble gum is relied upon largely by the cannabis community because it is known to bring relief and heal a number of different ailments and medical conditions. Basically, it acts as mood booster and a major pain diminisher. Things like back pain, headache, body tension, chronic pain, migraine, menstrual cramps, and muscle spasms – all of these can be got relief from by the bubble gum strain.

Some other ways to use bubble gum apart from smoking are candies, edibles, tinctures, extracts, gummies, and concentrates – all of these can provide higher doses with putting in lesser than the actual act necessary for consumption. Some other conditions like insomnia, anxiety, depression, and stress can be benefited by bubble gum, but one needs to be cautious so as to avoid any paranoia or uncomfortable anxiety.

If you happen to be looking for alternates to the conventional medications for any of the above mentioned conditions, the bubble gum strain is the perfect one for you.

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Marijuana is a very effective drug in the treatment of psychiatric disorders. There are various kinds of diseases that are treated with this drug. Some of the diseases where this drug is effective are those like bipolar disorder and arthritis. It is also helpful in treatment of bronchial asthma. In psychiatric disorders, it is very useful in the treatment of diseases like Alzheimer’s. The main method in which this drug is useful is by reducing dementia.

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Alzheimer’s treatment using Medical marijuana:

  1. Reduces stress and anxiety: Medical marijuana is useful in reducing the dementia that a person suffers from. Usually a person will have changes in the brain as they get older. In some people the changes are faster and this is because of genetic predisposition to this disease. Other than dementia, people with this disease will also suffer from a feeling of depression, helplessness and other related disorders. Some will have anxiety and stress. Marijuana helps in overcoming all these problems. Some of the ways in which this drug helps in the treatment of these conditions is by providing a feeling of elation. Elation will remove depression, anxiety and stress. This will help the person to feel better.
  2. Overcomes dementia: Dementia is one of the main ways in which Alzheimer’s affects a person. Dementia is prevented and also treated with the use of medical marijuana. Dementia causes the person affected by Alzheimer’s to suffer from lack of memory. They also suffer from other related problems. Though medical marijuana helps in the treatment of dementia, the accurate mechanism is not still clear. Research is ongoing on the various methods in which cannabis can help medical marijuana. Even a small dose of cannabis helps in reliving dementia. It needs to be tested for long term effects on the person who is using this medication.
  3. Overcomes feeling of helplessness: The treatment of an Alzheimer’s affected person with medical marijuana helps to ensure that they overcome the sense of helplessness. Instead, they will get a lot of confidence to lead their life. Many people who have suffered from this disease have been treated with medical marijuana and they were able to improve their quality of life. They become more independent. This not only helped the patients, but also helped the caregivers.

It is important to use the right dose of medicine. It is also important to use the medication each and every day. If you do not use the medicine regularly, the beneficial effects may wear off. So, it is important to use the medical marijuana seeds & growing them well according to prescription.

Pain relief by marijuana is primary benefit in Lupus treatment

Lupus is a chronic systemic disease that affects many people worldwide. One of the common reasons for the occurrence of this disease is an imbalance in the immune system of the body and this is why this disease is called as an auto immune disease. There are several forms of this disease including systemic Lupus erythematosis, which is the most severe form of the disease and is commonly known as SLE.

Lupus can commonly affect the skin and also the joints, other than attacking various systems in the body. The skin can have rashes and the joints can become inflamed. Joint inflammation can be associated with pain, just like in any form of arthritis. In fact, lupus is greatly associated with arthritis. Medical marijuana is very beneficial in the treatment of various symptoms of Lupus.

Benefit of medical marijuana while treating Lupus.

1. Pain relief: Pain relief is the primary benefit of using medical marijuana in the treatment of Lupus. Pain can be present mainly in the joints, but there is also general pain all over the body. Since this is a systemic disease, most parts of the body are affected. The pain pathway Aurora Indica (2)in the body is interrupted when medical cannabis is consumed. This helps in the relief of chronic pain.

2. Reduction in joint inflammation: Joint inflammation can also be reduced when medical cannabis is consumed. This is because of the fact that it is anti inflammatory in nature. So, it has a general tendency to reduce the inflammation in the body. When there is reduction in inflammation, there is associated pain relief too. Arthritic changes in the joints are also prevented when this wonder drug is used.

3. Immune system imbalance is corrected: Though Lupus is caused by imbalance of the immune system and is not easily treated by other drugs; medical marijuana is able to correct the immune system imbalance to a great extent. This helps in preventing any exacerbation of the disease too. The chronic nature of the disease is curtailed with the regular use of medical cannabis.

Though many people who are treated for Lupus are satisfied with traditional medicines, they are not happy about the various side effects that are caused by the drugs consumed. Vomiting and nausea are common symptoms of most drugs. When the medical cannabis is used, all these side effects and complications are not present. This is an additional reason for most patients to be satisfied with the use of medical marijuana in the treatment of Lupus.

Overview of use of medical marijuana

Medical marijuana has been a very useful drug in the treatment of various health conditions. It is a drug that is increasingly being used for the treatment of chronic diseases. It may not be very useful in the treatment of acute symptoms, but it is highly effective in the treatment of chronic symptoms of certain diseases.

Diseases where Medical marijuana is useful

1. Aurora IndicaMultiple sclerosis: Multiple sclerosis is a disease where the use of medical marijuana has been proven. There are several variants of this disease and most of the chronic forms of this disease are treated with this unique drug.

2. Epilepsy: Epilepsy is a serious condition that can cause severe residual impairments in the brain. It is imperative to treat it as early as possible and also prevent recurrence of seizures. Medical marijuana does just that. It helps to prevent severe seizures and also reduces the occurrence of seizures, thus preventing complications.

3. Arthritis: Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. Various kinds of arthritis are seen in people. Most of these forms of arthritis are incurable. The pain and limitation in activity in such people is very severe. Medical marijuana helps in reducing the pain and improves movements in arthritic patients.

Symptoms that are overcome with medical marijuana

1. Pain: Pain is a very treatable condition in most diseases. Acute pain can be treated with various drugs, but when the disease is severe and when the symptoms are chronic, only few drugs will be able to help overcome the pain. Medical marijuana is able to get rid of pain in very severe and chronic diseases.

2. Muscle spasms: Muscle spasms can be caused in two ways. It could be caused because of severe pain where the muscle goes into protection mode. Spasms can also be caused because of increased brain activity leading to muscle contractions. Medical marijuana helps in the control of muscle spasm no matter how it is caused. There is a reduction in the severity of spasm. This helps in further reduction of pain and also helps in improvement in the activity levels of affected individuals.

3. Dementia: Dementia is one of the main symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Medical marijuana helps in the reduction of dementia. This helps to improve the productivity of people affected by the disease. It also helps in reducing the dependency of the affected person on caregivers.

4. Seizures: There is a decrease in the severity and occurrence of seizures. This helps in improving the health condition of patients.